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Management Briefs: Bullying & Harassment

Management Briefs: Bullying & Harassment

Management Briefs: Bullying & Harassment

Values and Best Practice Responses

  • By: Frank Scott-Lennon, Margaret Considine

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ISBN: 9788130930664

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2015

Pages: 104

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: Mosaic Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


"An essential Management Brief in relation to an ever increasing problem, full of practical steps and insights. Every experienced practitioner would endorse the book's approach that either local resolution or mediation of Bullying and Harassment claims is preferable to formal investigation."
-Dr Mary Redmond
Employment Lawyer, Arthur Cox & Company Director

"A very timely intervention for the workplace. From long experience I know that there are never any winners from a long drawn out protracted investigation process. This book by Frank and Margaret, two excellent practitioners themselves, is full of good sound practical advice on how to deal in a mature adult way with fearful and conflictual situations. Recommended for Managers at all levels and to individuals as a valuable self-help tool kit."
-Frank Kelly
 Head of Human Resources, Dublin City Council

"An outstanding and most competent capture of all of the relevant issues around Bullying and Harassment in the workplace. This informative and easy-to-read guide is an absolute must for managers confronting this undesired phenomenon."
-Professor Andrew Kakabadse
Professor of International Management Development Cranfield School of Management



Chapter 1: Introduction • Definitions • Dignity and Respect • Bullying and Harassment • Sexual Harassment • Rights of Natural Justice • Empowering those feeling bullied or harassed • Best Practice Responses

Chapter 2: Typical Bullying Behaviour in Organisations • Bullies explore and exploit weakness • Guises of Bullying • Examples of bullying behaviour types of abuse • Proactive Managerial Responsibilities • Corporate governance • Encouraging a “speaking up” climate

Chapter 3: Harassment & Sexual Harassment • Possible grounds of Discrimination • Harassment mediums and channels • Examples of Harassment behaviours • Example of Sexual Harassment behaviours

Chapter 4: Victim Perspectives and Feelings •  Understanding Victim perspectives • Intention and Impact • Understanding intensity of emotions • Conflict resolution styles • Questioning techniques for better understanding

Chapter 5: Standing up for Oneself • Providing a climate • 5 Assertive steps to “standing up” • Assessing the situation • Planning an approach to the bully • Confronting the bully in a calm manner • Agreeing values to shape subsequent behaviours • Reviewing the on-going situation

Chapter 6: Initial Responses: Best Practice for Managers • Listening with empathy • Useful forms of words to use • Keeping the process informal • Coaching the victim to address the issues with the alleged perpetrator • Exploring agreement on a way forward • Mediation

Chapter 7: Mediation Processes • Agreement on a mediator • Terms of Reference • Skills of a good mediator • Sample Mediation process • Building trust • Searching for common ground • Agreeing Values and acceptable on-going behaviours • Review of ongoing relationships

Chapter 8: Formal Investigations • Appointment of Investigator • Structure of an Investigation • Sample Investigation procedure • Investigation tips for complainants • Investigation tips for respondents • Representation • Role of Investigation Manager

Chapter 9: Best Practice Procedures • The 7 Ps • Having the right Policies in place • Clear Procedures for grievance and dignity at work • Good Protocols in place to aid conflict resolution • Sound Organisation Practices • People should be at the core of processes • Places chosen to provide for privacy • Prevention tools for managers

Chapter 10: Establishing a Culture of Dignity at Work? Role of Senior Management in making Dignity and Respect a priority • Focus on values • Sample set of Values/Behaviours • Putting the enabling conditions in place • Workshops • Celebrating Diversity

Chapter 11: Conclusion • Empathy and care • Informal mode • Local level resolution where possible • Best practice at all stages


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