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How to Study and Succeed

How to Study and Succeed

How to Study and Succeed

A Book on Career Management

  • By: Mukhopadhyay Suvasish

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ISBN: 9788130917207

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2016

Pages: 144

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Does success always belong to a select few? No. Success comes from systematic and disciplined study, and it comes to anyone who tries. Knowing yourself better is the first step. Knowing the right methods of study is next. But for both, students need an experienced guide to advise them on what is best. In How to Study and Succeed Mukhopadhyay Suvasish proves himself to be the expert counselor every student must have. From managing your sleeping hours to numbering your answer sheets, here you will find practical tips on everything one must take care of during student life. They include:

  • Ten golden rules for every student 
  • Adjusting with the friend circle
  • Hostelmates and roommates
  • Attending classes
  • Communication
  • Self-motivation
  • How to use books
  • Time management
  • Overcome shyness
  • Examination fever
  • Finding the right job

Written a personal style, this book will tell you how you can succeed not only in an examination but also in life.

Target Audience:

Students & Parents.


Ten golden rules for every student • Different ways to make a teacher happy • Avoid bad influences • Choose the right profession • Don’t allow anybody to discourage your • Accept unexpected results and failures • Language problem and solution to it • Good handwriting • Importance of discipline • Expose your hidden potential • Impact of school and college • Influence of friend circle • Importance of communication • How to choose questions • Time management in the examination • How to tackle objective-type questions • How to tackles negative marking • Learn from mistakes • How to face interviews • Motivate yourself • How to develop your personality • How to tackle stress • Essential qualities of a student • Physical attendance in a class • First lecture of any subject and its importance • First chapter of every subject • Completing the whole syllabus: A necessity • How to adjust with hostel-mates and roommates • Why bunking lectures is to be avoided • How to use your books • Textbooks and reference books • How to use the library • Managing your sleeping hours • Why purchase the books • Don’t empty the bin • On taking notes • Choice of vocation • A timetable for study • Be aware of the subject, don’t beware of it • Do not label subjects as easy and difficult • Make your work your play • Be sincere, but don’t be serious • Importance of good results • Knowledge of English • Don’t worry about the job too early • Have realistic goals • Rapport between students, teachers arid parents • Time management • Guidelines to take a written test • How to give oral examination • Be computer savvy • GRE and TOEFL • Effects of practical training • Role of good recommendation • Value of teaching habit • Participate in different programmes • Group discussion • Why study after examination • Examination fever • How to use the vacation • How to present a seminar • How to tackle the research work • How to maintain relations with your seniors • Comparison between degree and knowledge • How to overcome shyness • Don’t develop a complex • Need to have a higher aim • How to be professional • Relation between marks and knowledge • How to control homesickness • Don’t repress anything • Importance of marks • How to use the preparation leave and the gaps between the examinations • Why the question papers of the last three semesters are very important • How to complete the whole syllabus • Importance of teamwork • Concentration versus attention • Remember, life is not a journey of a few days.


About the Author:

Mukhopadhyay Suvasish has been teaching for many years. Career management is his area of research. He has guided many students in their college lives and later careers. He has seven more publications.


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