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Guide to Style

Guide to Style

Guide to Style

An Essential Guide to the Basics of Writing Style

  • By: Martin H Manser, Stephen Curtis

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ISBN: 9788130926902

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 332

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Facts On File Inc.

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


The Guide to Style is an indispensable guide to writing elegantly and effectively, intended for those who have mastered the basics of correct writing and now wish to improve their skills. Part I, “Writing with Style,” explains the fundamentals of good writing style, from the general concept of style to specifics on how readers can improve the style of their own writing. Part II, “Style in Practice,” focuses on the techniques to be employed when writing various types of documents, including letters, e-mails, essays, business reports, and more. Individual chapters include

The Qualities of Style: understanding what constitutes clarity, elegance, and vigor

Constructing Sentences: choosing words to form clear, logical, and rhythmic sentences

Constructing Paragraphs: assembling sentences into coherent paragraphs

Choosing a style: adapting writing to suit circumstance, audience, purpose, and other considerations

Keeping to Style: choosing fonts and the overall presentation of documents and deciding how and when to incorporate numbers, quota, graphics, and illustrations

From school papers and e-mails to business reports and legal briefs, all types of writing require an effective and appropriate style. Offering practical advice and straightforward examples, the Guide to Style is an essential tool for anyone who uses the English language.

Target Audience:

Students and Academicians of English, Journalism and general public.






Part I. Writing With Style


Chapter 1: What Is Style? • The Concept of Style • What Is Style? An Overview

Chapter 2: Beyond Correctness • Introduction • Style and Grammatical Correctness • A Feeling for Language • Aesthetic Values • Beyond Correctness: An Overview

Chapter 3: The Qualities of Style • Introduction • Clarity • Simplicity • Elegance • Vigor • Variety • The Qualities of Style: An Overview

Chapter 4: Choosing Words • Introduction • Use Words You Know • The Origins of English Vocabulary • Simple versus Complex • Use Fewer Nouns • Use Longer Words Carefully • Enlarging Your Vocabulary • Choosing Words: An Overview

Chapter 5: Constructing Sentences • Introduction • Sentences—the Basics • The Logic of the Sentence • The Rhythm of the Sentence • Constructing Sentences: An Overview

Chapter 6: Constructing Paragraphs • Introduction • Paragraphs—the Basics • Making Paragraphs • Unifying Paragraphs • Connecting Paragraphs • Constructing Paragraphs: An Overview

Chapter 7: Using Figurative Language • Introduction • The Nature of Figurative Language • The Function of Figurative Language • Using Figurative Language • Figurative Devices • The Place for Figurative Language • Comic Imagery • The Perils of Figurative Language • Using Figurative Language: An Overview

Chapter 8: Choosing a Style • Introduction • Finding the Appropriate Tone • Choosing a Style: An Overview

Chapter 9: Expressing Tone through Words • Introduction • The Power of Language • Language and Pictures • Formality and Informality • Informal English • Formal English • Neutrality • Register • Emotiveness and Objectivity • Expressing Tone through Words: An Overview


Part II. Style in Practice


Chapter 10: Letters and E-mails • Introduction • The Structure and Conventions of a Business Letter or Formal E-mail • Letter-Writing Tactics • Delivering Bad News • Cover Letters • Job Applications • Letters of Recommendation • Informal E-mails • Letters and E-mails: An Overview

Chapter 11: Memorandums and Résumés • Memorandums • Résumés • Memorandums and Résumés: An Overview

Chapter 12: Essays and Theses • Introduction • Essays • Theses • Essays and Theses: An Overview

Chapter 13: Business Reports and Presentations • Business Reports • Presentations • Business Reports and Presentations: An Overview

Chapter 14: Promotional Writing • Introduction • Effective Promotion • Emphasizing the Positive • Promotional Writing: An Overview

Chapter 15: Keeping to Style • Introduction • Style and Publishing • Fonts • Numbers • Quotations • Lists and Tables • Illustrations • Keeping to Style: An Overview



About the Author:

Martin H. Manser is a reference book writer and editor based in England. He is the author of the Foreign Words and Phrases and Guide to Good writing.

Stephen Curtis, associate editor, is an experienced reference book writer who has compiled and edited many dictionaries and titles on the English language.


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