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Detoxify Your Way to Health and Happiness

Detoxify Your Way to Health and Happiness

Detoxify Your Way to Health and Happiness

  • By: Tanushree Podder

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ISBN: 9788130902722

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2008

Pages: 312

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


The modern way of life has made our bodies big reservoirs of toxic junk. Researches have proved that toxin accumulation in the body is the single major cause of arthritis, allergies, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Toxins create skin problems and make us prematurely old. All this happens when we forget the way our body is designed to function, and maltreat it with harmful substances.

Detoxification is in fact one of our body's basic and automatic functions. But today our food, water and air have more toxins than the body systems can eliminate. It is time to rethink our lifestyle and start a thorough cleanding of the body and mind.   

In this book: Know the toxins • Holistic detoxification • Food that cleans the body • Cleansing the skin • Toxins in your home • Altering the lifestyle • Toxic stress • Ayurveda and Asian systems of life • Toxins of the mind ?Taming emotions and anger • Stop growing old and become beautiful  

Target Audience:

General public, health conscious people, stressed people, corporate employees leading a hectic life.


Acknowledgements • Prologue • Section 1: Detoxification • The deadly toxins • Detoxifying the body: Detoxifying the digestive system • Fasting as a detoxifying procedure • A Fibre fix • Juicing it up • Section II: Detoxifying the lungs • The correct mode of breathing • Helping the skin to detoxify • Sauna • The lymphatic system • Body brushing • Contrast showers • Massage and detoxification • ayurvedic detoxification • Flushing the kidneys • Section III: Learning to relax • Altering the lifestyle • Detoxifying the mind • Toxic thoughts • Toxic stress • Section IV: Toxic noise: Toxic relationships • Toxic anger • Anger management • Altering the attitude • Section V Emotional detoxification • The emotional baggage • The Seven deadly sins • The body-emotion connection • The process of emotional detoxification • Section VI: Detoxifying the soul • Altering the mind map • The art of forgiving • A mental detoxification technique • Holistic detoxification guide • Section VII: Know your toxins • Assess your toxin level • Lifestyle evolution • Epilogue

About the Author:

Tanushree Podder has been writing for the past twenty-six years on subjects as various as travel, fiction, management, health and fitness, nutrition, spirituality, beauty, and relationships. Her areas of interest include Reiki, Vipassana, Pranic Healing yoga, alternative therapies and the occult. She has travelled widely and written for all major newspapers and periodicals in the country.


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