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Concise Advice: The Networking Book

Concise Advice: The Networking Book

Concise Advice: The Networking Book

50 ways to develop Strategic Relationships

  • By: Simone Anderson

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ISBN: 9789386105189

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 144

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: LID Publishing

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


"It is with great honor that I write these words. My dear friend Simone was one of the pioneers in the scientific approach to the now extremely popular discipline of networking, and she was trailblazing techniques for practical applications of networking before almost anyone else. With this book (her fourth, the first three being bestsellers) she takes your networking skills one big step further. Welcome to Networking 2.0!"
Mogens Nørgaard, serial IT entrepreneur/CEO, International lecturer

"If you want a country that is on the move and striving to be successful, the board of directors and the CEO should give greater priority to networking in their business strategy. It is going to be an even more decisive factor during the next few years. Simone has the competence and the tools to help your business implement networking."
Svend Randers, CEO of Al. Finans


If you want to optimize your life – to explore the full potential of your work life as well as your personal life – you need to connect with people.

If you do not have a good and relevant network, you will have to contact a lot of people and beg them to help you. This could be humiliating!

If you have an efficient network, a potential helper is already in your mind when you have a good idea or need assistance.

There is no one way to be the perfect networker. By discovering the authentic you combined with the helpful tips in this book you can create your personal unique way of networking.


Target Audience:

This book is helpful general readers.


PART ONE: A WORD ON PREPARING TO NETWORK • Tip 1) A kick in the right direction • Tip 2) Why networks and networking? • Tip 3) Networking • in your personal life • Tip 4) Networking • as an employee • Tip 5) Networking • in the company setting • Tip 6) Types of networks • Tip 7) Map and visualize your network • Tip 8) Online networking • Tip 9) Establish visibility on social media • Tip 10) Face-to-face networking offline • Tip 11) How many contacts can we handle? • Tip 12) Strong and weak contacts

PART TWO: A WORD ON OLD-SCHOOL NETWORKING AND THE NEW NETWORKING VERSION • Tip 13) What is my vision? • Tip 14) With what do I need help? • Tip 15) Who could be my helpers? • Tip 16) Long-term strategy • nodal points

PART THREE: A WORD ON INTROVERTS VERSUS EXTROVERTS • Tip 17) Introverts • Tip 18) Extroverts

PART FOUR: A WORD ON BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS • Tip 19) Visibility • Tip 20) Credibility • Tip 21) Your personal value

PART FIVE: A WORD ON COMMUNICATION • Tip 22) Questioning skills and techniques • Tip 23) Be aware of your branding profile • Tip 24) Simple communication • Tip 25) Show curiosity • Tip 26) The anatomy of small talk • Tip 27) Parallel conversations • Tip 28) Be an active listener • Tip 29) Sum up meetings and give positive feedback • Tip 30) When you cannot stop people talking

PART SIX: A WORD ON APPEAL AND ATTITUDE • Tip 31) Build yourself up • Tip 32) Be a likeable and ?go-to? person • Tip 33) Testosterone versus cortisol • Tip 34) Shaking hands

PART SEVEN: A WORD ON TECHNICAL SKILLS • Tip 35) Group skills • Tip 36) Entering an unknown room • Tip 37) Who is open to being approached? • Tip 38) Circulating techniques • Tip 39) Introduction techniques • Tip 40) Find role models • Tip 41) Strike gold • Tip 42) Creating value through social indebtedness • Tip 43) Evaluation

PART EIGHT: A WORD ON EXPANSION • Tip 44) Informational interviews • Tip 45) Coffee meetings are the new black • Tip 46) Salon-style networking • Tip 47) Visibility and business cards • Tip 48) The elevator pitch • Tip 49) Preparations and exercises for networking • Tip 50) Setting priorities

Learn to Navigate your Network Constructively
About the Author

About the Author:

Simone Andersen is a journalist and has a Master's degree in media studies. She worked for many years at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) as an editor and talk show host. She is an expert in business networking and building relations.


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