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Coaching Basics, 2/e

Coaching Basics, 2/e

Coaching Basics, 2/e

  • By: Lisa Haneberg

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ISBN: 9789387925267

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 140

Size: 6.8 x 9.5 Inch

Publisher: ATD Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Great coaching makes a world of difference. Coaching is one of the quickest and most effective ways to advance the success of an organization. Yet it remains underused and misunderstood, and the term is often used synonymously with corrective counseling, encouragement, or the many helpful tactics in between.

In Coaching Basics you'll discover a precise coaching framework along with insights from 40 experienced coaches, including Barry Goldberg and Marshall Goldsmith. This refreshed edition also homes in on what it takes to build influencing skills and introduces new content on microcoaching to highlight practical ways to leverage technology.

Coaching Basics presents the theory and follows it up with easily applicable techniques, examples, and exercises that will help you perfect essential coaching skills.


Target Audience:

Useful for Management Students, Managers and HR Personnel.


About the Training Basics Series

Chapter 1. What Is Coaching? • The Focus of Coaching • The Purpose of Coaching • How Should Coaches Measure Success? • Important Coaching Skills • Values Important for Coaching • Getting It Done

Chapter 2. A Coaching Model • Establish a Relationship With the Performer • Opportunity and Offer • Request for Coaching • Assess Interest and Coachability • Clarify Goals • Gain Agreement • Great Coaching Dialogue • Action Planning • Helping Performers Take Action • Conclude Coaching • Getting It Done

Chapter 3. Concepts Important to Coaching • Adult Learning Theory • Change and Transition • Social Construction of Reality • Definition of Success • Coaching by Walking Around • Getting It Done

Chapter 4. How to Create Great Coaching Dialogue • Ensuring Dialogue Relevance • Creating Excellent Inquiry • Encouraging the Freedom to Participate Fully • Ensuring Connectedness • Improving Dialogue Reception • Improving Topic Empowerment • Keeping Conversations Playful • Getting It Done

Chapter 5. Coachability • Coaching Should Improve Performer Coachability • Improving Performer Coachability • Avoid These Coaching Pitfalls • Getting It Done

Chapter 6. Building Performer Self-Awareness • Coaching Should Enhance Performer Self-Awareness • What Does It Mean to Be Self-Aware? • How to Improve Performer Self-Awareness • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence • Getting It Done

Chapter 7. Helping Performers Get Unstuck • Why People Get Stuck • Coaching Techniques That Help Performers Get Unstuck • Getting It Done

Chapter 8. Facilitating Breakthroughs • Breakthrough Catalysts • Breakthrough Inhibitors • Breakthrough Mindset and Habits • Getting It Done

Chapter 9. Microcoaching • What Is Microcoaching? • When and Where to Use Microcoaching • Pitfalls to Avoid • Getting It Done

Chapter 10. Beyond the Basics • Team Coaching • Technology for Coaches • Coaching Certification and Training Programs • Executive Coaching • Getting It Done

Chapter 11. Conclusion • How to Become a Sought-After Coach • Critical Success Factors for Coaches • Getting It Done

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About the Author

About the Author:

Lisa Haneberg is an organization development, leadership, and management author, trainer, researcher, practitioner, and consultant. She has more than 25 years of experience providing executive and management development and training and coaching solutions for large and small organizations (including healthcare, manufacturing, services, nonprofit, and government organizations). She has particular expertise in the areas of senior team development, performance management, coaching, talent management, succession planning, organizational agility and alignment, and middle management effectiveness.

Lisa's book titles include Coaching Training (ATD Press), Organization Development Basics (ASTD Press), Coaching Basics (ASTD Press), Focus Like a Laser Beam: 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most (Jossey Bass), Two Weeks to a Breakthrough: How to Zoom Toward Your Goal in 14 Days or Less (Jossey Bass), 10 Steps to Be a Successful Manager (ASTD Press), Developing Great Managers: 20 Power Hours (ASTD Press), Hip and Sage: Staying Smart, Cool and Competitive in the Workplace (Davies Black), The High Impact Middle Manager: Powerful Strategies to Thrive in the Middle (ASTD Press), High Impact Middle Management: Solutions for Today's Busy Public'Sector Managers (ASTD Press), Coaching Up and Down the Generations (ASTD Press and Berrett Koehler), Connecting Top Managers: Developing Executive Teams for Business Success (co-author with James Taylor, Financial Times Press), The Management Development Handbook (ASTD Press), and Double the Love: 11 Secrets for Cultivating Highly Accountable and Engaged Teams (Trainers Publishing House).

In addition, her work has been highlighted in publications such as Leader to Leader, Washington CEO, Capital, and Leadership Excellence. Lisa is a nationally recognized thought leader and speaker. In 2011, she won the HCI M-Prize for management innovation (a competition judged by management legend Gary Hamel). Lisa has held both internal and external consulting roles in organizations such as Memorial Hermann Health System, MedCentral, Black & Decker, Mead Paper, Intel,, Corbis, Promedica, MTD Products, Perfetti vanMelle, TUI Travel International, Aultman Health Care, OPW Fueling Components, the Royal Thai Government, the FAA, the EPA, Microsoft, Premera Blue Cross Oregon, and the City of Seattle. She holds a bachelor of science degree in behavioral sciences from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in fine arts from Goddard College.

To learn more about her work, visit


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