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Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, 3/e

Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, 3/e

Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, 3/e

  • By: David Watson and Graham Brown

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ISBN: 9781398318540

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2021

Pages: 568

Size: 8.25 x 10.75 Inch

Publisher: Hodder Education

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2023.

Written by renowned expert authors, our updated resources enable the learner to effectively navigate through the content of the updated Cambridge IGCSE™ Information and Communication Technology syllabuses (0417/0983).

  • Develop skills when working with documents, databases and presentations: detailed step-by-step guidance demonstrates precisely how to perform a full range of software skills.
  • Build an understanding of theory: concepts are carefully explained and consolidated with a range of different activities.
  • Tackle spreadsheets and website authoring with confidence: challenging ideas are fully exemplified, with plenty of opportunity to practice using embedded Tasks.
  • Navigate the syllabus confidently: learning content is clearly mapped to the syllabus, with introductions to each topic outlining the learning objectives.
  • Consolidate skills and check understanding: activities and exam-style questions are embedded throughout the book, alongside key definitions of technical terms and a Glossary.


Target Audience:

IGCSE  students.


Introduction • Section Theory • Types and Components of Computer Systems • Hardware and software • Main components of computer systems • Operating systems • Types of computer • Emerging technologies • Input and output devices • Input devices and their uses • Direct data entry (DDE) devices • Output devices and their uses • Storage devices and media • Magnetic media and magnetic storage devices • Optical media and optical storage devices • Solid-state media and solid-state storage devices • The future of storage devices • Networks and the effects of using them • Networks • Network issues and communication • The effects of using IT • Microprocessor-controlled devices • Potential health problems related to the prolonged use of ICT equipment • ICT applications • Communication • Modelling applications • Computer controlled systems • School management systems • Booking systems • Banking systems • Computers in medicine • Expert systems • Computers in the retail industry • Recognition systems • Satellite systems • The systems life cycle • Analysis • Design • Development and testing • Implementation • Documentation • Evaluation • Safety and security • Physical security • E-safety • Security of data • Audiences • Audience appreciation • Copyright • Communication • Communication with other ICT users using email • Effective use of the internet • Section Practical • File management • Manage files effectively • Reduce file sizes for storage or transmission • Images • Software tools • Edit an image • Layout • Create or edit a document • Tables • Headers and footers • Styles • Corporate house styles • Create, modify, update and apply consistent styles • Proofing • Software tools • Proofing techniques • Graphs and charts • Chart types • Create a chart • Label a chart • Use secondary axes • Document production • Organise page layout • Format text • Databases • Create a database structure • Manipulate data • Present data • Presentations • Create a presentation • Use a master slide • Edit a presentation • Output a presentation • Spreadsheets • Create a data model • Manipulate data • Present data • Website authoring • Web development layers • Create a web page • Use stylesheets • Index


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