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Basic Manufacturing Processes

Basic Manufacturing Processes

Basic Manufacturing Processes

Theory and Practice

  • By: R C S Mehta, N S Gaira

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ISBN: 9789386243928

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 264

Size: 172 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


The book Basic Manufacturing Processes (Theory and Practice) has been designed as a Rapid Learning Package, written with a view to familiarize the freshmen of technical institutes/colleges with the elementary theory and practice, and the conventional tools and equipment used for the  manufacturing of engineering goods. Basic Manufacturing Processes course is the core course common to all the branches of engineering. It is taught at the first year level in one semester of degree and diploma courses of all the Indian Universities/Boards imparting technical education.

The book covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the course in a simple and concise manner. The theory of the basic manufacturing processes and their underlying principles have been dealt with in a brief but easy way. The common tools and equipment used in various shops of a general purpose workshop have also been discussed. Necessary diagrams have been given to help students understand the concepts better. The book  fully covers the syllabus of the first year level course of  Workshop Practice/Manufacturing Processes prescribed for the degree and diploma students of engineering. However, the book is not meant for exhaustive study of the subject.

The salient features of the book are presentation of contents in a lucid manner, more than 270 figures to support theory and practice, objectives at the start of each chapter, practice jobs, summary to quickly revise the individual chapters and short answer/viva-voce questions
The book has been written, keeping in mind, even the weakest student in the class. No prerequisite is required to study this course with the help of this book.

Target Audience:

The book  fully covers the syllabus of the first year level course of   “Workshop Practice/Manufacturing Processes “ prescribed for the degree and diploma students of engineering.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Manufacturing •  Manufacturing and Manufacturing Processes  •  Importance of Manufacturing  •  Basic Manufacturing Processes  •  Engineering Materials  •  Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials  •  Fracture  •  Heat Treatment of Carbon Steels  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 2:  Workshop Practices •  Workshop  •  Shop Layout  •  Objectives of Practical Work in the Workshop  •  Important Instructions to the Students for conducting Practicals in the Workshop  •  Main Causes of Accidents in the Workshop  •  General Safety Precautions in the Workshop  •  Specific Safety Precautions to be Observed in the Different Shops of the  •  Workshop  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 3: Introduction to Carpentry and Carpentry Shop  •  Wood and Timber  •  Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood as an Engineering Material  •  Structure of Wood  •  Types of Wood  •  Conversion of Wood  •  Seasoning of Wood  •  Common Defects in Wood  •  Preservation of Wood  •  Plywood and Sunmica  •  Carpentry Processes  •  Carpentry Tools  •  Wood Working Machines  •  Carpentry Joints  •  Supplementary Materials used in Carpentry  •  Practice Jobs in Carpentry  •  Some Other Suggestive Practicals are as Follows  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 4:  Introduction to Metal Casting and Foundry Shop •  Casting Process, Castings, Ingots, Foundry  •  Patterns, Materials Used for Patterns, Types of Patterns, Pattern Allowances  •  Core, Core Making, Core Print, Chaplets, Chills  •  Mould, Types of Moulds, Moulding Processes  •  Moulding Sand  •  Gating System in Sand Casting  •  Tools and Equipment used in Foundry Shop  •  Moulding Machines  •  Casting Processes  •  Cleaning of Castings, Fettling and Snagging  •  Casting Defects  •  Cupola Furnace  •  Practice Jobs in Foundry Shop  •  Some other Suggestive Practical Exercises in Foundry Shop  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 5:  Fitting and Allied Processes  •  Introduction: Fitting and Bench Work  •  Operations in Bench and Fitting Work  •  Tools and Equipment used in Bench and Fitting Work  •  Drilling and Allied Operations  •  Practice Jobs in Fitting Shop  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 6:  Forming or Mechanical Working of Metals and Black Smithy Work •  Forming  •  Forging  •  Tools and Equipment used in Black Smithy Shop  •  Smith • Forging Operations  •  Some Important Forming Processes (Brief Description)  •  Press  •  Practice Jobs in Black Smithy Shop  •  Some other Suggestive Practicals  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 7:  Introduction to Machining, Machine Tools and Cutting Tools  •  Principle of Machining  •  Machine Shop  •  Lathe  •  Shaper and Planer  •  Planer  •  Drilling and Allied Operations  •  Milling  •  Grinding  •  Cutting Tools  •  A Model Report of a Job Made in Machine Shop  •  Some other Suggestive Practical Exercises in the Machine Shop  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 8:  Welding and Allied Practices •  Definition  •  Arc Welding  •  Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)  •  Gas Welding  •  Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding Equipment  •  Types of Oxy-Acetylene Flame  •  Miscellaneous Welding Processes  •  Allied Welding Processes  •  Metal Spraying or Metallising  •  Brazing, Soldering and Braze Welding  •  Equipments Used in Manual Metal Arc Welding  •  Practice Jobs in Welding Shop  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 9:  Sheet Metal Working •  Tools Used in Sheet Metal Working  •  Sheet Metal Operations  •  Joints in Sheet Metal (Hems & Seams)  •  Sheet Metal Working Machines Sheet Metal Allowance  •  Stretchout (Pattern) Development  •  A Model Report on Sheet Metal Working Shop  •  Some other Suggestive Practicals  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 10:  Measuring Tools Used in the Workshop   •  The Commonly used Measuring Tools  •  Rules for Measuring  •  Care of Measuring Instruments  •  Brief Description of Common Measuring Tools  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions

Chapter 11:  Short Notes on Manufacturing Aspects •  Importance of Materials and Manufacturing  •  Socio-Economic Considerations in Materials and Manufacturing  •  Technological Considerations in Materials and Manufacturing  •  Manufacturing, Production and Productivity  •  Plant and Plant Location  •  Plant Layout  •  Cement  •  Cement Concrete  •  Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)  •  Rubber  •  Plastics  •  Composite Materials  •  Ceramics  •  Powder Metallurgy  •  Galvanizing  •  Electroplating or Electrodepositing  •  Summary  •  Short Answer/Viva-Voice Questions


About the Authors:

R C S Mehta holds (Mech. Engg), M. Tech. ( Design & Production) and B. Tech ( Mech. Engg) degrees. He has a total of 43 years of experience ( about 39 years teaching +4 years industry). He served at College of Technology GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar for 10 years as Prof & Head, Department of Production Engineering and about 22 years as an Associate and Assistant Professor. He has also served as the Principal of Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology, Dwarahat, Uttarakhand. He served Apex Institute of Technology, Rampur, UP as the Director for 4 years. His main area of interest is Manufacturing Technology. He has published 37 research papers in national and international journals/conferences. He has guided Ph. D students also.

N S Gaira is an Assistant Professor at Graphic Hill University, Bhimtal Campus, Nainital. He holds B. Tech. degree from GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar. and M. Tech. from MD University Rohtak, Haryana. He has 9 years of teaching and around 2.5 years of industrial experience. Before joining Graphic Era Hill University, Bhimtal Campus, Nainital, he has taught in Galgotias College of Technology, Greater Noida and GL Bajaj Institute of Technology, Greater Noida.


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