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An Eternal Quest for Peace

An Eternal Quest for Peace

An Eternal Quest for Peace

A Complete Book on the Art of Living

  • By: Suvasish Mukhopadhyay

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ISBN: 9788130917177

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2012

Pages: 208

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


This book talks of the art of achieving peace and happiness. It is filled with the author's lifetime experience and observation of human psychology. For being happy and for having peace of mind one needs to explore the inner world in spite of the outer world. For attaining peace of mind one needs to have a simple lifestyle coupled with a benevolent nature. Happiness is a state of mind, by chasing it no one can have it.

In life chasing money destroys the mental set-up and brings unhappiness. For attaining peace one needs to set his own limitations. A person with a well-defined goal generally attains happiness and peace. Clear vision is required for having a tranquil state of mind. For attaining peace in life one needs to send the message of love, peace and happiness to others.

Many real-life experiences are portrayed in different chapters of this book. This book is the unfurling of the author's lifetime experience. This book has the potential to transform a human being and while reading the reader is expected to realize a gradual metamorphosis in his thought process.

The author wants his readers to adopt the proper method of living and enjoy the true meaning of life. The mission of the author is to awaken the dormant unhappy persons within his readers who are in quest of peace and happiness.

Target Audience:

General Public including Students.


Look at a Lotus • Listen to the Music of the Sphere • Earn Blessings • Adopt Counselling, Not Anger • Meditation or Sex’ • Happiness is a State of Your Mind • Sing Even if You Can’t • Self-Introspection • Write Diary Regularly • Scan Your Past • Use Your Present • Dream Your Future • Don’t Count Your Age by Years • Sometimes Avoid Lift • What is God’ • Teach Whatever You Can • Gossip Occasionally • You Can • Prefer Erosion than Corrosion • Love Gardening and Farming • Visit the Terrace at Night • Don’t Plan Excessively • Play Some Game • Don’t Hurt Even an Ant • You Lost Your Spectacle, other Lost their Vision • A Positive-Minded Cancer Patient • Play Some Instrument • Have a Big Picture in Mind • Have Some Role Model • Love the Animals • Power of a Candle • Empathy, Not Sympathy • Read for Pleasure • Failure is a Relative Term  • What should You do Now’ • Why the Flame Always Goes Up’ • Motivate the Mass • Maintain Self-Respect • Don’t Close Your Books • Have Little Exercise • Be Truly Educated • Have Your True Vocation • Have Correct Practice • Don’t Extinguish the Candle • One Plus One Equal to One • Unhappy People are Always Rude • Enjoy the Beauty, don’t Capture it • Don’t Give Big References • Want Substantial Things from God • Earning Money and Spending Life • Care for People • You are a Pendulum between Smile and Tears • Don’t do too Many Things at a Time • Meaningful Life is the Meaning of Life • Be a Small Star, Don’t be an Eclipsed Sun • Don’t Suppress Your Feelings • Save but Spend Too • Have Two Ice cream • Management by a Poor Boy • Don’t Count Money • Bitter and Better • Don’t be an Escapist • Don’t Bargain Much • Face the Problem • Discover Ability in Others • Undo Your Depression • Experience and Experiment • Sadness Follows Happiness • You are Ultimately a Six-Feet Space • Don’t be the Victim of Tension • Temple Without Deity • Stepping Stone or Stopping Stone • Don’t Run After Money • Half Filled or Half Empty • Relation with Your Subordinates • ‘E’ Means Entry and ‘GO’ Means Exit i.e. EGO • Illiteracy is not Idiocy • Cold Water Bath in a Winter Morning • Discuss but don’t Argue • Don’t Carry Your Office • Differentiate Between Doing Things Right and Doing the Right Thing • Goal Setting • Work Smart, Not Hard • Don’t Act • Don’t Carry Your Raincoat Everyday • Don’t Check the Talk time After Every Call • Deactivating Addiction • There is no Rewind Button in the Keypad of Life • Sun Never Sets • Love is Truth; Truth is God.



Journal - 01/May/2011


About the Author:

Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is a full time faculty of Civil Engineering in an Engineering College of Pune. He has more than twenty years of teaching experience. Apart from his faculty position he is a freelance counsellor. He counsels both the student community and common people for showing them the proper direction for having a meaningful life.

He delivered innumerable lectures to the students, the officers of the Government and private sector based on his books How to Study and Succeed and The Happiness Code. Prof. Mukhopadhyay has to his credit seven books, namely My Students of Far and Near, You Can Score More, How to Study and Succeed, Tsunami the Biggest Bane, Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, The Happiness Code and Motivating School Kids. The book entitled Motivating School Kids, also by Viva Books, is a national bestseller.


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